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How will I feel after my sauna session?


Many report feeling energized and their skin having a soft feel. As the ozone steam sauna treatment begins to work in the body, you may experience a detoxification process known as the “healing crisis”. The detoxification may take the form of a headache, nausea, lack of energy, running nose etc. After this brief period you will feel more energetic, with a higher level of vitality and well being. Just keep on with the sessions and your health and wellness will improve. 


What do I wear for my sauna session?

You will be naked once in the sauna, so your clothes really do not matter. I would recommend workout clothes or comfy clothes for when you are done.


Should I do anything special before my sauna?

Please drink lots of water before and after. If you are normally dehydrated - mixing Pedialyte with water - before and after will be very beneficial. Also, Hmalayan salt water is another good alternative.


How long should I wait to shower after a session?

Once the session has ended, the pores begin to close and your body temperature will rapidly return to normal. The oxygen introduced during the session is still very active, and if possible, you should wait to shower 2-3 hours after or when the smell of ozone is no longer present on your skin.


Should I sauna while pregnant?

Sessions are not recommended while you are pregnant - you can start up again after the baby is born and you are finished breast feeding. 

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