About Jenn Carse

I am an avid believer in a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. Since my early twenties, I have always been looking for ways to stay healthy and active. I obtained my Pilates certificate after the birth of my first child and loved teaching classes when Women's Super Fitness was still around. Yoga has always been a part of me and I honestly cannot remember how it was introduced to me but I was super excited I was finally able to go to Costa Rica in January of 2017 to earn my 200 hr yoga teacher training (bucket list item right there). I love helping others become more confident in themselves. I have found that through yoga, I am able to show others how truly amazing they really are. 

I was introduced to ozone therapy in late 2015 and was so intrigued by it that I want to spread its healing benefits to anyone looking to live a healthier version of themselves. 

In April of 2019, I was told for the third time about Asea. My rash was coming back again and so I finally listened to what redox molecules were. You can see my story here. I will never be without my redox molecules again! They have helped me, my children and even our little pup Zoe tremendously! 

As a person who has always loved interior design and open houses, I decided to become a realtor so that not only do I get to see as many houses as I want, but, I also get to help people find their little place of zen or sell their current sanctuary in search of another.

When I first opened my saunas and yoga in 2017, my wish was to further expand helping others - Real Estate and Asea help me do just that! So far, 2022 has been a great year and I look forward to helping you with whatever home or health needs you have!

My Family

fam pic.jpg

I was lucky and met this amazing guy and his three kiddos in 2017. He continuously supports me and encourages my passions. We finally found a new home to blend this beautiful little family! I am looking forward to all the new adventures this chapter will hold. We also have 2 puppies and our 3 kitties that are spoiled rotten!



When I am not working, working out or spending time with the family - you will probably find me out in my garden! I love non-blooming plants, flowers and vegetables alike. I have a large garden that I enjoy tending to. Last year I was able to get a plethora of bee balm and poppies to bloom and absolutely loved my Spring flowers. You may also find me out laying in my hammock and reading an amazing book!